TAP is an app which is installed onto your android phones and tablets without you knowing about it.


Yes, it is reinstalled covertly when you update the commonly pre-installed Peel TV remote app.

The first you will know about it is that you will see notifications from “Tap” about devices joining your network and asking you if they are allowed.

WHY? Tap is classed as a parental control app which allows you to monitor and disable internet access to prevent your kids etc going online when you don’t want them. The down side is that sometimes devices you want to automatically join are routinely blocked.

Certainly it caused big problems with some of my smart home devices until I realise why they were going offline all the time.

The problem is that Peel remote is often pre-installed onto mobile phones and  often cant be removed and there is no way of removing Tap directly.

So then only solution is go into app manager and disable Peel remote which a should revert it back to the original setup then LEAVE IT DISABLED.

Also I suggest some negative feedback to Peel remote as this is totally unacceptable behaviour by the developer